Blog Hop: Location, Location, Location!

I decided take part in the blog hop A Soft Spot for Stars started about where we live and what things cost, as well as the good, the bad and the ugly about living here.

WHERE I LIVE:  I live in Hailey, Idaho. And before you blow it off as just a small potato farming town, let me remind you that this is where Demi Moore and Bruce Willis raised their children, and is also the second home to many celebrities, namely Clint Eastwood, Jamie Lee Curtis,  Drew Barrymore and this kinda well known actor Tom Hanks. While seeing them around town has become less exciting with time, you know I like to name drop. We’ve got the famous Sun Valley ski resort about 20 minutes north, and Georgie lives 20 minutes south, in a laid back, beautiful town that is more about agriculture than celebrities. We’ve got mountains galore, sit at about 6,000 feet above sea level and hiking and other outdoor activities abound. It’s one of the most beatiful places I have ever been.


Seriously. Beautiful


Compared to Millbrook, NY, where I used to live, things are waaaay less expensive.


I board Georgie and have her in a single outdoor pen with a run in shed: $450. Prices recently went up, but our barn has an indoor arena, outdoor arena, caretaker on site and is really pretty nice. Plus my trainer is there and we have lots of fun schooling shows. You can have a stall for $550 or group house for $450 as well, but you get a much larger space. Georgie does not believe in group housing. Boarding includes feeding and cleaning. They give hay and grain at no extra cost. Since I’m down there so often this works well, I can handle blanket changes or turnout.


So, Georgie has lots of different shoe options during the year. Typically she has a full set which runs us $100. Add a drill and tap for studs and it’s $120. Currently she’s barefoot behind so two shoes and a trim runs us $60. I love my farrier, he does a great job with Georgie’s non complicated feet and he is definitely on the less expensive side around here.


We don’t have many trees, which I miss about back east, but at one schooling facility it’s almost like NY…


Winter is probably what you think- we’re in the mountains in Idaho. It’s COLD. And snowy! But, we have a ski mountain down the road, so that’s cool. I hate the cold, but summer and fall make up for it. We have zero humidity, so while it can get up to the 90s, it is not completely horrendous. We are considered “high desert” so hot summers, cold winters, with an amazing fall. We get no spring. I swear to God it goes from winter to summer some years. Or, winter, to rainy season, to summer.


While the cost of a lift ticket is a bit ridiculous, I still get up there when I can


We’re a mixed bag! I love our barn because we have a little bit of everything. Western riders that let me join drill, some DQs, some eventers and some people who like to just come and pet their ponies. We have an event,dressage and western trainer at our barn. It’s also where the local Pony Club is, so I can watch and learn from them. 😉

Our area has a fair amount of eventers. We have riders who have competed at Burghley, and some that have gone Advanced. Right down the road from me is River Grove Stables, where Debbie McDonald and the late Brentina have lived for years. So yeah, Olympians, 4* riders and lots and lots of amateurs having fun with their horses. And yes, lots and lots of rodeos and western riding as well. We have a young girl down at the Junior NFR competing in barrel racing right now!


Typical view. You’ll notice we are sharing the trail with NO ONE


Hands down what I love most about living here is the beauty. Secondly, how much open land there is and how amazing it is for conditioning. There’s also not a lot of people. I went back east for Thanksgiving and couldn’t handle all the people. It’s a really friendly, laid back community and I love that all these different disciplines can live in one barn. That never happened in Millbrook.

It’s remote. Which is good, (see above) but also makes it feel like I am living on an island in the middle of nowhere at times. Our closest recognized event that I compete at is 7 hours away. This weekend I wanted to compete at a jumper show 3 hours away but to get there you go over mountain passes and roads that have wind whipping across them and when we got a snow storm I had to cancel. So, it’s pretty, but it’s also a pain in the ass sometimes. It’d be nice to have competitions right down the road like I did in Millbrook.

So, all in all, I love it here. Georgie seems to love it here too. And I invite any of you to come visit if you get a chance!





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12 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Location, Location, Location!

  1. Emma says:

    It really does look beautiful out there. I hear ya on the remote aspect tho. I’m not sure how I would do so far from a metropolitan area (bc let’s face it, I’m a city kid at heart haha)

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  2. Wow. What a beautiful place to live!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What I’ve learned is that the scenery of Idaho cannot be beat. It wins at being beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. L. Williams says:

    Sucks how far away shows are!


  5. I’ve really enjoyed all the posts in this blog hop.
    Looked at your pictures on my phone, beautiful. Had to log in from my computer too, just to see them – they are gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. It totally caught my breath seeing that landscape photo from horseback. Holy cow! I wish I could ride in that kind of nature – it must be amazing each and every time… It sounds so great with the space and the few people. Absolutely something the be a little jealous about 😉 I really enjoyed this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. rooth says:

    Mountains, trails, AND skiing?! Count me SO absolutely jealous


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