Happy New Year Shenanigans

At my more mature age, New Years Eve means very little to me. However, I have this weird superstition about New Year’s Day. I believe that the way I spend the day determines how the rest of the year will go. Now, deep down, I know this is ridiculous. But in the moment, I really believe it. So, the most important thing for me on New Year’s Day, is to spend the day creating happiness.

I think I did a good job this year and I think that if today really has any impact on the rest of the year, it’s going to be a great year.

The highlight was probably when I “forced” Sarah to ride this morning. Last week she had reluctantly agreed to ride in a fun “exercise” I had planned.Today Sarah was KINDA a good sport about it. To be fair, it was zero degrees outside, she had been feeding horses in the cold, and the idea of coming in and having to do what I say, was not all that appealing. After a brief hissy fit that only friends who are more like sisters can have, she decided to indulge me and give it a go.

I had created a game of sorts. It started with trivia questions centered around Georgie and eventing. If she got the trivia question right, great. We moved to the next question. But get the question wrong, and she had to execute a skill of sorts. Skills got more challenging as the game went on. (The first skill was helping me decide if the dressage saddle I was trying was a good fit on Georgie.)


Straightforward jump to begin with

By the end, I had Sarah and her horse, Rapid, jumping some scary stuff!


Even Georgie thought this was the strangest thing I’ve asked her to jump

The final jump was the above oxer with a cow the ropers practice on in the middle of it. Rapid had a good look at the oxer and wasn’t sure about it, but decided she would give it a try.


Rapid thought this jump was ridiculous and needed a bigger challenge

At this point in the morning I was thinking of how well all of this was going. Rapid and Sarah were having fun and I was laughing a lot at some of Sarah’s answers to my Georgie-centric trivia questions. (i.e “What is Georgie’s nickname?” “Pigpen” Yup, that’s right. It’s also Georgina though, but it speaks volumes that Pigpen was first in Sarah’s mind…)

So, all was going well as Sarah trotted Rapid up to the oxer. Rapid stopped as if to say “no thanks” and then decided that if she jumped high enough the cow wouldn’t be able to get her.



I freaked out, but shouldn’t have. Rapid got herself over the oxer in true Lipizzaner form.


Nicely done, Rapid

And major props to Sarah for staying on. The next time around, it looked like this:


After a fun morning of quizzing and challenging Sarah, it was time for me to get Georgie over the jumps. We had a fun, albeit short ride, where she gamely jumped any thing I asked of her. Even cows in the middle of oxers.

The next adventure of the day was getting myself and my two dogs out for a run. It was a bluebird day, and had warmed up a bit, and we all enjoyed getting out in the fresh air. I once again appreciated living in such a beautiful place. And having two moderately well-behaved dogs that I love so much.


They’re kinda naughty but so cute. Photo from this summer when the river was enjoyable to be in.

And the last part of the day involved cleaning house, calling those I miss and care about, and just realizing how great a life I have.

I’m so excited for 2017 and all the adventures that await!

Happy New Year!


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9 thoughts on “Happy New Year Shenanigans

  1. draftmare says:

    The instructor I took lessons from when I first got Sydney use to love putting weird things in front of and between jumps. Lots of kids toys, pool noodles, and of course the traditional flowers and brushes. We never had issue with the kids toys or other weird stuff, but for some reason flowers were very scary!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma says:

    Omg haha I love the creative jump but dear god Rapid, that’s quite the leap!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG DYING that jump pic. DYING.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Emily says:

    Haha, weeeeee! That looks like quite the talented jumper! Mad cred to the rider for sticking it!


  5. Aaargh! The Lippizaner move at that jump! Oh no!


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