What’s In Your Medical Bin?

Recently someone asked me if I had a certain medical item and for the life of me, I had no idea. It had been so long since I had been in my medical bin that I couldn’t remember what was in there.

So, I figured it was a good time to go through it and see what was expired, unneeded or didn’t need to be purchased because I had a ton if it.

I was pleasantly surprised by how organized it was!



I went through it and again was surprised how many things were not expired! And most of it was in useable condition and stuff I would actually use.

I have a lot of bute. In paste,bolus and powder form. Just in case. And a lot of electrolytes. These usually get moved to the tack trunk during competition season, but note to self, I don’t need any more. Some Banamine, Furazone, and lots and lots of wrapping supplies.


And huge safety pins. Just in case. In case of what, I don’t know.

My favorite item by far was the rectal sleeve. I have no idea why I have this. If I am going to do a fecal I throw on disposable gloves. I cannot imagine ever needing to place a rectal sleeve on. But, I kept it. Just in case (Again, in case of what I don’t know.)

I also keep my favorite medical book ever in my bin. I use it more to look at pictures while soaking a horse’s foot or trying to pass the time for some other ailment. It’s from the 1990s , or maybe 1980s, but the pictures are AMAZING and it lists like every ailment ever known.


I will never get rid of it

I realize my medical bin is missing some important items, maybe epsom salt, betadine, and scrub to mention a few. But I used to be a vet tech at my current job, so I have easy access to many items I may need right away. Oh! And I do have a stethoscope, but it’s in my cubby where I can easily grab it, so isn’t pictured.

So tell me, what’s in your medical bin?

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17 thoughts on “What’s In Your Medical Bin?

  1. LOL rectal sleeve! You just never know… 😉

    I have like nothing in mine. A thermometer, aluminum spray, antibiotic ointment, and some banamine. Thankfully (knocking on all the woods) I typically don’t need much, so that covers my bases! But I should probably think about expanding too!

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  2. This is fabulous! I also have the green epsom salt poultice and diapers for abscesses. I have several TBs and I use them frequently 😂

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  3. Karen M says:

    I don’t keep any medications because where I board has all that on hand, but I always have vinyl gloves, diapers, vet wrap, a baby digital thermometer, betadine scrub, epsom salts, and duct tape in my trunk.

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  4. I gave a foal an enema once, and had to clean out her dam’s destroyed vaginal-rectal canal (baby made some big moves on exiting), and used a rectal sleeve for the latter. (I…. don’t know why I mentioned the foal enema.)

    ANYWAY. I like to have sterile needles and syringes in my kit, though it means that they, a Ace, and Banamine are constantly disappearing because people know I have them and dip into my supply in a pinch.

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  5. KateRose says:

    Yes the rectal sleeve is an interesting addition… but you never know! Im really embarassed of my first aid kit right now. I took a great first aid course but my horses were at 3 different facilities so it somehow is now divided in different grooming kits. 😦 not cool

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  6. Ok , I NEED a stethoscope!!!
    And I’d really love a book like that too!!!

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  7. Emma says:

    My bin is lacking and old… Partly due to lazy and partly due to storage space shortages. But now that I have a super sweet storage trunk inside my trailer I wanna build the kit out again!!

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  8. L. Williams says:

    I have a very scant bin because I rely heavily on my trainer to have the things I don’t lol but it doesn’t matter right now since you know.. no horse.

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  9. I have the bare minimums on the logic that it’s bad luck to buy new vet supplies.

    It’s also bad logic to not buy vet supplies so I’m at a bit of an impass.

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