Back in the Saddle

Ok, well not on Georgie, but a friend kindly offered to let me ride her horse while she is at school.

Tommy is an OTTB that has been going Prelim and is about as different from Georgie as a horse can get. Well, they both have a lot of heart, but Tommy also has some serious bounce in his step that she is lacking, and he has a neck and legs she is jealous of.

But that said, Tommy has a serious crush on Georgie.


True love


So, Tommy’s got good taste, and is not aware of his superior conformation.

We had a flat lesson in preparation for a jump lesson later this week. It went pretty well except for my left hand literally having a mind of its own occasionally. We worked on my connection and allowing Tommy to stretch over his topline while keeping him honestly forward. I could feel him reaching for the bit and using his entire body. Tommy has a big trot, and a great, smooth canter. At one point in the downward to the trot he almost bounced me right out of the saddle. But, I’ll get used to his gaits and prepare a bit better in those downwards.


And while I don’t have my own horse to ride, I have begun to narrow my search for a dressage saddle.

I’m looking for one of the following:

Custom Saddlery Wolfgang Solo


County Connection


Niedersuss Walzer


My list is mostly determined by price, but these are also three saddles I have really really enjoyed riding in. And they are all slightly different, but I like the position they put me in. So, if you know of one for sale in a 17.5″ Medium tree, let me know!

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7 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. He is so cute! Look at that face! Good luck on your jumping lesson 🙂

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  2. Emma says:

    Oooh handsome guy! Awesome that you’ve got something to ride in the meantime!

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  3. Looooooooove custom. 😀

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  4. carey says:

    We get a lot of consignment saddles in through work, new stuff is always coming in (and going out) but it’s all listed online.

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  5. draftmare says:

    Have you checked out Dressage Saddles For Sale (name is all in caps) on Facebook? I have been low key looking for a saddle for hunting, and have seen a few Counties on there recently. I see Niedersuss Symphony saddles on eBay all the time, not sure if they are similar to the Walzer though.


    • nadsnovik says:

      Ha ha I actually sold my Niedersuss Symphonie on that site and stalk it regularly…They are similar to the Walzer, but have an internal knee block and the seat isn’t as deep it seems. GREAT saddle though. I miss mine…


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