Fraggle Friday

I’m really excited for the time when I can stop posting about the snow.

But for now, I introduce you to my most recent snow problem. It’s so high, that Siri can run up the banks and jump onto the roof. I laugh when I let her out to potty and hear her running around above my head.


I’m up here mom!

I’ve had two people tell me this week that I am a good person for having Siri. Or, rather, keeping Siri. She’s a tough cookie. And about 3 weeks ago, I was really really considering sending her off to training, or doing something to help my sanity. But instead, I just tried to up my training with her. And she is getting better. I’m also drinking more, which helps.


I can’t be cute AND good.

Meanwhile, Stella continues to be my rock. She gets to come to work with me and does cute things like sit in the sun, helping me remember how great our office view is.


Siri once again had a friend come over to play. She has ZERO concept of personal space, and fortunately he didn’t seem to mind…


He likes this. I promise

I hope you all have a great Friday. Enjoy your pups!



5 thoughts on “Fraggle Friday

  1. Emma says:

    That’s way too much snow. Except the view from your windows is gorgeous!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. KateRose says:

    Love that roof picture! I’ve had about enough snow too, bring on spring!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Liz says:

    I LOVE your dogs. The view from your windows is incredible. And I only WISH we had that much snow. It’s been YEARS since we had a winter like that in Canaan. We’ve all be lusting after Idaho this year.


  4. carey says:

    Reef is lucky he has such a cute face for all the extra work he is. But what we are putting into him is starting show in his behavior a bit. If Siri is anything like him, she’ll be worth the work. Good for you for sticking with her.

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