Georgie Update

Poor Georgie- Val and Tommy have been littering HER blog with cute pictures, while she gets shoved to the side. Sometimes it’s hard not being the star. But, she’ll be back in the spotlight soon enough.


SO sad

Her recheck appointment went pretty well. I was hoping for a completely sound horse who would be ready to magically get back to jumping. Weirdly, that’s not what I got.

I hadn’t trotted Georgie since the last appointment because I honestly was scared she would still be off. And guess what. She was. BUT she was quite a bit sounder and the lameness was even more intermittent.

The vet palpated her suspensory and she didn’t mind- a vast improvement over two weeks ago. He also flexed the rest of her leg to make sure we weren’t missing anything else. She trotted off sound after each flexion,which was great.

I’m to continue to walk her, either hand walk or ride for 3 more weeks. Our vet is actually on vacation for a week which is why we pushed it to 3 weeks rather than 2, but he told me I am welcome to trot her after two and see if she is sound.


I have zero media of Georgie. So, here’s a picture of a mountain lion who was hanging out on a friend’s deck. Terrifying.

In the meantime I’ve been hand walking her around the property so she can have a bit more of an interesting walk than if we were in the indoor. Yesterday she decided she is sick of walking and had a mini “I want to gallop” meltdown in the driveway. So, I switched out her fuzzy ridiculous halter for her rope halter and we’ll see if we can walk outside with that. All visions of bare backing her in her halter outside have gone out the window for now.

I told trainer Sarah we could have the “how has this injury impacted our show schedule” talk once Georgie is sound. But I have a feeling I won’t be jumping that damned book jump AGAIN, or not nearly as soon as I had hoped.


This too. I want to jump this.

Stupid book jump.

Here’s to more walking my favorite mare!


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14 thoughts on “Georgie Update

  1. draftmare says:

    At least there is some improvement!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma says:

    Omg that mountain lion is intense. Gorgeous tho!!! Glad the recheck appointment held positive news. Hopefully your chat about adjusting the show plans will go similarly?? (Also plz don’t die trying to bare back ride your fiesty gray mare thru the snow lol)


  3. Grace C says:

    Wow the mountain lion looked just as surprised as your friend probably was to see it haha Fingers crossed for continued improvement. I know firsthand how trying suspensory injuries can be…


  4. A mountain lion on the deck? No, just no. I’m glad it’s good new with Georgie, even if it’s not the magical news you hoped for.


  5. Avery says:

    Chin up! I would have a melt down in the drive too lol at least there is progress and that you get to be with her. That mtn lion………………..

    Liked by 1 person


    I hate nature.


  7. breathe in, breathe out, she’s improving. So happy to hear!
    Show season will start in the fall for you. (me too) All will be well 🙂 Sending good thoughts!


  8. Liz says:

    I’m happy to hear that Georgie’s improving. Great news. And, despite wildlife officials (myself included) from the state touting that we don’t have them here, I have seen similar photos of the big cats on people’s porches in WV!


  9. At least you caught the injury early! I’m glad to hear she’s already improving. Also, a MOUNTAIN LION on a DECK?! Oh, hell no!!


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