Georgie Gets Adjustments

Last week I had a slight meltdown. I had trainer Sarah hop on Georgie to see if she was feeling what I was when I rode her. She agreed she felt unbalanced and when we trotted her on a small circle, she looked off. Like, more off than normal. Then, when we trotted her in a straight line we noticed she did this weird thing with her left hind. She brings it in and almost interferes with her right hind. Georgie has never had issues behind.


Not a great pic, but it’s what you get

So, I made an appt with a vet two hours away, had a pity party and freaked out a little. Friends have been super nice and supportive, letting me ride their horses and finding other horses for me to ride, but I just want to know what is wrong with MY horse. And ride her. It’s now been 2 months and we’re still not sure what’s wrong.

So today I had another vet appt- this time the partner in the practice came out to see Georgie. I figured a second opinion was a good idea. She started with some flexions and trotting on a circle and trotting away. Georgie was lame on the small circle going right (SHOCKING) but it was really slight. Like, I thought she looked way better. Sarah didn’t think she looked that much better, but she agreed it was very slight. As for the weird way she was travelling behind, the vet didn’t have any great answers but thought maybe a chiropractic adjustment might help. I was all for it, so Georgie got her first adjustments!


Georgie seemed to love it. She was perfectly behaved and gave some good tongue wagging, eye rolling during much of it. Plus, when the vet was done Georgie was OUT OF CONTROL. I tried to take her for a short walk per vets instructions and Georgie was ON FIRE. Like, almost scared me when I thought she would rear onto my head.


Not on fire. Quiet and relaxed and preparing to be a maniac


And while I am not naive enough to think that chiro will magically make my horse better, it did make me happy that it made her feel good. Even if it’s not injury related. I’m going to keep walking her and she has an Ultrasound appt on Friday. We’re two months into this and while I realize I need to be patient, I can feel the season starting and it’s really hard for me to be patient. I’m completely ok with the fact that Georgie and I might not be doing anything this spring, and maybe even summer, but I want my mare to be sound. I feel like right now, that’s all I can hope for, and it’s amazingly hard to achieve.

I have a REALLY exciting lesson this week and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

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7 thoughts on “Georgie Gets Adjustments

  1. So sorry to hear things haven’t been improving as you’d hoped! Fingers crossed that the adjustment is what she needed to feel better.


  2. SprinklerBandits says:

    Adjustments make a HUGE difference for C. He probably needs one right now, but mommy has to adult (ish) a little, so we’re holding off for a bit.


  3. Emma says:

    Oy good luck. Cmon Georgie, be sound!!

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  4. Hope Georgie gets Better!

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