Eventing Bingo

Thanks Emma of Fraidy Cat Eventing for getting my mind off of reality and onto hypothetical situations.

Here we go!

I got Bingo card F:

So there we were, ready for our first event of the season. Having done dressage the day before, and being in first place at Intermediate, we were ready for day 2.

We started with Stadium and Georgie rocked around. We had one cheap rail in stadium, SJ

which surprised me, because we never have rails.  We moved directly to cross country and started cruising around.gallop

After rocking the coffin complex, all I can say is we may have 99 problems, but a ditch ain’t one. ditch

Georgie was being such a rockstar and as we cruised over the last jump I started fist pumping. This scared Georgie and we totally missed the finish flags, which made it so we finished in last place. Argh!  How could this happen to us at easy peasy Intermediate????She is SO embarrassed!


My second bingo card was M:

I was so ready for a clear cross country. 

I mean, this 3* stuff is (yawn) kinda getting boring. I brought Georgie in from her paddock and there was MUD EVERYWHERE!


Mare! How could you!

We got ready for xc, and the rider in front of us had a rider fall on xc  so I ran around trying to help try and catch the horse. How helpful am I?


Feeling overly confident after cross country, I let my head get a little big which resulted in going off course in stadium. WHAT??? It could have been because I was so disheveled from leaving two out at the oxer.

Another event, another reason to drink.





3 thoughts on “Eventing Bingo

  1. emma says:

    “another event, another reason to drink” is baaaaaasically my team’s motto hahaha. this is awesome! also i’m so freakin thrilled that you used ’99 problems but a ditch aint’ one!’ bc that’s definitely one of my favorites from times long past with isabel (who knows what charlie will think when he finally sees a ditch!). love this!!!! oh – uh – except, dear god that muddy muddy MUDDY gray mare!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. carey says:

    hehehe these are fun 🙂


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