Meeting Junebug

As I alluded to in earlier posts, I have been considering adding a young horse to my life. There was one in particular that I have known about for a while, but never thought would be for me, as I already had a horse.

“Junebug” is a half sister to Sarah’s mare, Rapid. You know, the one I coveted after riding, and had so much fun on back in March? You can read all about my love affair here: Rapid!

Junebug shares a Daddy with Rapid- the USEF eventing sire of 2015, Riverman. Standing at Hilltop Farm, Riverman is a Holsteiner who has gone on to produce a lot of really lovely eventing offspring. You can read about him here: Whose Your Daddy?


But where Rapid and Junebug part ways is with their momma. Rapid is out of a Connemara/TB cross and Junebug has a Quarterhorse momma. Now, at first, you may think, who breeds a Holsteiner to a QH? And I would be right there with you. Except that this mare had already shown to produce some really nice jumpers. And so, she was bred to a fancy Holsteiner.

And what resulted was a really lovely baby (or two! The bay is her full brother).


Junebug was super sweet and well-mannered when I met her (considering she’s a baby) and I love her build. A bit stocky with a QH butt and AMAZING forelock and tail. (Which is equally as important as a good brain, lol).


And she knows how to pose for the camera, also important

My first instinct was “YES.” And it still is. But with age comes patience. And since this would be the first youngster I’ve ever purchased, I wanted a second opinion. So, plan is for Sarah to head back up with me the end of May and we’ll play around with her a bit. And then, hopefully take her home. Her breeder is a good friend of Sarah’s and also wants to make sure this is a good match.

j body

In the meantime, while I think Junebug could certainly be the right horse for me, she is coming 3, so it would be a while before we did more than groundwork. And while Macy is also getting better and better, I just can’t help myself and am also looking into a couple of other going horses. What’s that called? Weighing your options? Or maybe just being impatient and indecisive…

Anyway, I’m glad you all got to see the adorableness that is Junebug and hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more of her!



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12 thoughts on “Meeting Junebug

  1. Grace C says:

    What a cutie- She sounds a great prospect and it’s definitely peace of mind knowing her owner is just as intent on finding the right match as you are. Best of luck!

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  2. Oh man. She’s a cutie. I have a serious love affair for Riverman and I have to stop myself from buying one of his offspring on a semi regular basis.


  3. Amanda C says:

    I think the QH actually makes a ton of sense with Riverman, even if it wouldn’t with a typical warmblood. He does not have an easy brain by any means and is known for creating very much a “pro ride” type of horse, so the QH side could potentially bring a lot more rideability to the table! As long as the overall balance isn’t too downhill, it could work.

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  4. emma says:

    awww i love this! it sounds promising and a good gut feeling counts for a lot. good luck with the second opinions on your next visit!

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  5. Tracy - Fly On Over says:

    Junebug is super cute!

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  6. I don’t know how you can stand to wait til the end of May. I’d just kidnap Sarah and go. #bestclientever

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  7. Wow how exciting!! This sounds like a fantastic opportunity. I 100% support getting your next horse young- I always feel that it is so much easier to training from the ground-up, versus having to “re-train”. Definitley keep us updated, and post more pictures when you go back!


  8. What a cute girl!! And all that hair 🙂


  9. draftmare says:

    Oh I love Riverman!! I once asked on COTH about crossing a warmblood stallion to an AQHA mare that had done really well at local A rated hunter shows, and pretty much got laughed off the forums. I am glad that I am not the only one that thinks that the right QH could cross well with the right warmblood.

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    • nadsnovik says:

      Yeah some of the. Eat horses can come from non traditional crosses. And IMO the QH is the closest thing we have to an Irish Draught in terms of hardiness and temperament.


  10. carey says:

    Cute!! Exciting!!

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  11. L. Williams says:

    My horses older half brother and younger half sibling are both by an Arab stallion. I did a double take when they told me. Who breeds a Hanoverian to an Arab. Produced nice horses though so I can’t complain (and I also own the full Hano sib anyways).

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