Building Trust

Probably my favorite part about having Georgie was the trust we had. She was an easy horse to trust. I would joke that Georgie at her worst was often better than most horses at their best. She would pull some antics, but I could laugh them off, and not worry that they would affect the rest of our ride. I knew her so well, and trusted her so much that I felt invincible on her.


And it wasn’t that she was perfect or ever put a foot out of place. In fact, Georgie had some serious opinions. She would rear if the dressage work got too tough. And she broke free and galloped off with me unable to catch her at least twice. (Once at an event, that was fun). She thought about running out at light colored fences. She thought there were demons in the north end of the arena during the winter.

But none of these things ever scared me, or made me nervous around her. Because I trusted her wholeheartedly. Like a toddler, I let her have her moment, and then asked her to behave again. And she always did. And I knew that she always would.

Sure she jumped with her eyes closed, but I still trusted her…

And that kind of trust, that kind of relationship, is what I am currently missing in my life and am struggling so much with.

I cannot wait to have Junebug and start the trust building. I can’t wait to work through issues together and figure out what her triggers are, what scares her, and work through it. I can’t wait to have a horse who I trust wholeheartedly, and know so well we can anticipate each others thoughts to every question.  My hope is that Junebug will be as trustworthy as Georgie was, and I realize it will take years to get there, but I am excited for the journey.

I’ve been lucky to ride quite a few horses since Georgie’s injury, and each have taught me so much. But because none of them are mine, and I’m not training any of them to be my partner, there is something missing with each and every one of them. And it makes my ride on them that much more difficult.


I would have never done this with a horse I didn’t trust.

So enjoy your pony, and enjoy the trust building. It’s for sure the thing I miss the most. Well, that, and galloping cross country.


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5 thoughts on “Building Trust

  1. Megan says:

    Oh man. I am not sure I have ever truly had that trust being a nearly life long catch rider. And now with my own pony who is currently away in full training… well let’s just say I also have a serious longing to have that kind of relationship with my mare. I hope Junebug is that horse for you!

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  2. Emma says:

    Love this ❤ Isabel was such a great partner for me in so many ways bc it DID take years to build that trust. Nothing was free wth her. But once I had it, it felt like we could do anything. Of course it was a double edged sword bc when she stopped jumping (and I didn't have the permissions to investigate why as much as I would have liked), that trust evaporated pretty quickly. It was hard. Ugh.

    But with the new guy we are going through that same building process, albeit a little faster bc gelding lol, and it's been so rewarding. Nothing beats having a horse you believe in – and I can't wait til Junebug gets home to start following your progress!

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  3. eloisedeyx says:

    People think I’m crazy for still sticking with my mare after everything she’s put me though! I don’t 100% trust her like you and your companion but we have this special bond and mutual respect that make it impossible to give up on her!

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  4. Liz says:

    I love this. Such a great point and really gets me thinking about my relationships with my horses. ❤

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  5. KC Scott says:

    Love it. P and I are still working on the whole trust thing 🙂 You’ll get it with June, hope she gets there soon!

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