Fraggle Friday Rebecca Edition

The girls are here with me at Rebecca Farm.  They get lots of attention which they love. Everyone asks what breed they are and wants to pet them. I’ve tried to give Siri away a couple times but with no luck. (Jk I love her and she isn’t making me totally insane)

Her favorite spot to sit is my chair…

I brought them a kiddie pool which is getting lots of use.

Siri is a handful and probably won’t be seeing too many shows once I am competing again, but she’s friendly and happy to be here and I figure it’s great socialization for her.

Stella is perfect and just lays by the camper. They’ve both walked the xc courses with me and approve of what’s out there. 

Here’s to fun with your pups!


Stella and Siri


2 thoughts on “Fraggle Friday Rebecca Edition

  1. Shelby Allen says:

    aw! I wasn’t checking this enough because I was also at Rebecca Farm! Should’ve come see ya!


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