Rebecca, June, and Macy

I have tons of updates to make, but am lacking time, so here’s a post compressing three updates into one. I’ve left Georgie out of the mix, but I do need to do an update post about her. It’s probably my conflicted feelings that are keeping me from doing that.

Last week at this time I was at Rebecca Farm. Horseless, but with plenty of companionship in the form of friends and canines.

It was actually really fun just being a spectator.


Not the best spot for taking pics, but it was a great spot for watching riders to multiple fences

I watched my friend’s rides as well as lots of 2* xc and 3* dressage. If you don’t know much about Rebecca Farm, just know it is spectacular. Over 600 competitors and it is run so smoothly. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but is serious about making itself a destination event. I can’t wait to be back there on a horse.


My friend Haley on Tommy- the OTTB I rode this winter and tried to get a good jump lesson on. Killing it at Prelim

Rebecca was awesome.

What’s also been awesome is Macy. I’m not sure what happened but we’ve been having some really nice rides together. I’ve been riding her on my own again, and I can usually anticipate when she wants to spook or get sassy, and can prevent it from happening, or at the very least prevent it from escalating. This past lesson we worked on haunches in at the canter in the circle. The first steps to a pirouette! It was awesome! I now completely understand why people are DQs. Not that I want to be one, but I get it.


Things have been going so well with Macy that I signed up for a schooling show in September. We’ll see how it goes, but I feel like I am beginning to figure this mare out. A little bit at least.


Look at her engaging her abs!

I love having a horse who can be a school master to ride.

Because my other horse is getting schooled. No master about it.

June’s foundation work has begun in earnest! We had our first lesson with the foundation trainer I am so excited about. She’s truly gifted with young horses and starting them. I loved her approach- everything we worked on was going to make riding June easier. Where we stood, where we ask for things-they all relate to what we will want down the road.


And because it was my first time working with this trainer and I was so engaged with what was going on, I got no media. So here’s a pic of June with her first purple saddle pad!

June is what I would call stubborn. Her trainer called it bold. That was kind of her. June showed us that she has some opinions. She tried to run over D, as I will call her, a couple of times. One time it was moderately scary. But the great thing was, that even though she tested D, in the end, she was like “fine, I’ll do it your way.”

I think there is a fine line with starting young horses. They need to do what you want, but they also need to understand what you want. With June, I felt like once she understands things, she is really willing to do them. If she’s confused, or uncomfortable, she gets an attitude.

It was all super eye opening to me and I am really excited to have this mare in my life.


June meeting the Arabs at the farm we TRAILERED TO. Yup, she got into the trailer!!

More media next time, I promise!

And a Georgie update coming soon!

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4 thoughts on “Rebecca, June, and Macy

  1. I’ve been working with a couple of yearlings, and there are some things that I am BAFFLED they don’t understand (when I push you, you should probably move over), but as long as I remember to take it slow and let them learn through repetition, they seem to do really well. It’s sooooo hard for me though! I am excited for more baby lessons so I can learn from you too!


  2. I’ve been doing the same stuff with Zoë–she SO GOOD as long as she understands, so I just have to be really clear and go slow.

    Otherwise she has a Zoë-tantrum which is like 5 steps of fast trotting.


  3. emma says:

    so awesome that you got to go to rebecca! also i know what you mean about June not being totally convinced about doing things ‘your way’ lol. when i started with charlie, he actually would get kinda defensive about being uncertain or feeling like he was ‘wrong.’ that might stem from other baggage that he had, vs being totally green – but it was still a process of him having to basically learn how to be wrong sometimes. they figure it out tho!

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