Georgie Update

I got to get out for a ride on Georgie. It was magical.


My favorite view

It’s been about 6 months since I’ve ridden her. She got out this past month with her owner who was here in July, after getting the go ahead to get ridden from our vet. And, now that her owner is gone, the riding falls to me.


But it’s not that simple.

She still has a tear in her suspensory ligament. The ultrasound showed that the tear is smaller, but it’s still there. And she looks better on a small circle, but she still isn’t sound.

So, it may be that Georgie is never completely sound. Which means she probably won’t jump again. Which sucks.
I was really hoping that by this point she’d be sound and ready to get back to real work. But on the other hand, I feel like sometimes these injuries take up to a year to heal.

So, more waiting. But because she is physically healing, our vet felt we had to keep her mentally stable as well. So, she said she can get out 2-4 times a week. Just trail ride, walk with some trot.

So, that’s where we are at.


I miss this. A lot.

So I get to ride Georgie. Which is awesome. But it’s also hard to forget what used to be.

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8 thoughts on “Georgie Update

  1. emma says:

    ugh i’m sorry, that’s hard that she’s still not fully healed yet 😦

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  2. These relationships are so complicated. It’s nice that you still get to have contact with her, even if it’s not the same.

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  3. Avery says:

    I know it is hard, but I am so glad you got to ride her!

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  4. L. Williams says:

    Fingers crossed that more time is the key

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  5. This sucks. Buuut…. a horse at my barn who formerly had a swiss cheese suspensory is now in full work as a low level sport horse after 2 years of rest and rehab. So maybe there is hope for Georgie with a little more time. πŸ™‚

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  6. Such a difficult situation 😦

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  7. Hoping that more time does the trick for Georgie!

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  8. draftmare says:

    Boo on it not healing yet, but at least you got to spend some saddle time with her!!

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