Three Words

Earlier this week I was riding Macy and was thinking, “I wonder what 3 words I would use to describe this horse.” And then I thought, hey, this could be a fun blog hop, or at least a fun blog post. Aren’t we all looking for blog ideas in dreary February?

So, here we go. What 3 words would I use to describe Macy?


I think that most of Macy’s attitude under saddle comes from how driven she is. From when she was first started to when she retired from upper level competition, her entire life has been work work work. She hates to plod. She thinks hacks that don’t involve being on the bit are stupid. She is a testament to the Thoroughbred in that she is a work horse. She’s happiest when she has a job and a purpose. I know it’s why Sarah kept her and also why the mare is so safe and honest under saddle. (Ok, over jumps at least…). It’s probably her best attribute.


Prelim chevrons are NBD for this mare


I struggled with which word to use here. Macy isn’t sensitive in the typical TB way. She is opinionated but not as strongly as some horses. She’s just particular  about her likes and dislikes. She hates being in an arena with any of the following: grey horses, paints, heavy footed horses and naughty horses. So, if you’re riding Macy in the arena with a light footed chestnut, you’re bound to have a nice ride. As for naughty horses, well she wants to be the naughty one in the arena. So, she gets tense and tough. Oh. And she hates when other horses canter too close to her. Walk and trot just elicit ears pinned but cantering too close elicits a bolt most days. See, she’s just particular. It’s totally normal. Or maybe not…


She clearly was not enjoying this particular moment


I really really was hoping to say “angsty.” Or “insecure”. But really, as much as I have grown fond of this mare, she’s still a total bitch. The other day Sarah asked me to blanket her. I went into her paddock, said hello and began to blanket her. As I latched the chest straps she just nailed my arm, teeth bared, leaving it bloody. There was absolutely zero reason for it. Fu*king bitch. And she’s a bitch to pretty much any horse. Like, get over yourself already, mare! That she is besties with Rapid is still a mystery to me, but it’s cool. At least she has one friend. Her paddock has huge holes from where she has kicked out all the plywood that was added for when Desi was born. She likes to kick at it any time she wants someone to know she is hungry, tired, bored or just irritated by all of us.


Bitch dumped my ass just because the standards of the jump we were trotting to fell towards her…

So there we have it. Three words I would use if someone asked me to describe Macy. Sure, she can also be a life saver, forgiving, honest and fun. (As well as terrifying, frustrating and ridiculous) but those aren’t as consistent.

So, tell me, what 3 words would you use to describe your steed?

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23 thoughts on “Three Words

  1. Liz says:


    Griffin: Eager, Willing, Devoted
    Stan: Steady, Reliable, Honest
    Q: Hesitant, Agile, Enigma (because even after nearly 6 years together, I’m still figuring her out)

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  2. Fun! And damn mare, give your rider a break please!!! Gem: opinionated, honest, aloof. Maybe i’ll write this up myself.

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  3. KC Scott says:

    This made me laugh! She sure has been a trip…

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  4. Oh gosh, I don’t have three words for my current horse – but I think you nailed the “particular” one in Macy’s case lol

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  5. L. Williams says:

    OOOoo I can definitely do this one. And I don’t have a post for today. Though it’s kinda late for me to post for today so maybe I’ll try for next week 😀

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  6. Karen M says:

    I could use these words for my gelding … but I will come up with different ones. I had the exact same blanketing experience with Eli like a week ago–whole upper arm in his mouth *CHOMP* Although, he does differ from Macy in that he is totally chill about other horses in his space.

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    • nadsnovik says:

      Omg he’s a naughty biter? I had no idea!


      • Karen M says:

        DUDE. He has bitten the shit out of people and kicked them. MOST of this behavior is behind us but then I get complacent and he does not hesitate to tell me I am buckling his sheet wrong or whatever. He was really really bad about it when I first started riding him, but I saw his totally chill behavior with other horses in turn out and was like, maybe I can undo some of what people in his past must have done. He has actually gotten less mouthy with MORE treats. Weird, weird horse.

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  7. I love this haha.

    Bumper would be:

    Chilled out

    Pepper would be:

    Show off
    Heart of Gold


  8. Emma says:

    That last picture is so epic….. And so unfortunate lol. Oh Macy. Such a character always and forever!

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  9. […] Three Day Adventures with Horses posted a great idea for a blog hop: What three words best describe your horse? […]

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  10. Love that last pic! How dare the standard move?!

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  11. […] posted the three words she would use to describe Macy, and I found myself relating quite a bit to some of her description […]


  12. […] 3Day Adventures with Horses started a blog hop about which three words best describe your horse. Hope has a particularly rich and changeable personality, and I’m sure that I could find more than three word to describe her, but perhaps the words that best portray her are these: […]


  13. Gymah says:

    Great blog hop topic! I joined it at my blog. The words I would use to describe my mare are opinionated, princess, and kind.

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  14. […] read 3 Day Adventures With Horses (who started it!),  Roaming Rider and Patently Bay‘s Three Words blog posts and thought I would just hop […]

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  15. This is great! “Bitchy” is my favorite, I can’t believe she bit you and made you bleed!!! That is definitely a total bitch move!

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  16. […] I’m like a month late to this hop from 3Day Adventures with Horses, but it was too fun not to join in! I saw this when I was in Ohio and started thinking, and […]


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