On Being a Laid Back, Type A, Personality

I am fully aware that my title contradicts itself.

But it’s truly who I have become. Especially when it comes to “show season”

When I was riding Georgie, I would have my show season set by January. I knew what I needed to do if I wanted to qualify for the 3 day,  knew what clinics I wanted to participate in, and had a good sense of exactly how my season would go.  Planning gives me a sense of peace and relaxation.


Also peaceful and relaxed

But then Georgie injured herself, and ever since I have not had a single plan work out.

The plan to compete Macy at a recognized event fell through at least twice.

And more recently, my FEH plans with June have gone askew.

But I think one of the most important things Macy taught me, in preparing for a baby horse, is to throw all plans out the window. And somehow, this lesson from Macy (like many others) is absolutely invaluable.


Thanks Macy!

I am so incredibly laid back about all my June plans it’s like I am a different person. (But still the same person, because I love MAKING plans. I’m just okay with said plans not being what actually happens)

This laid back attitude reaches from my daily training of baby horse to future of baby horse and everything in between. When I found out that the Spokane event wouldn’t be holding a FEH 4 yr old class this May, (where I planned to go watch so I knew what I was getting into for Rebecca), I re-routed myself to NY to see family and deliver Peekaboo to her new home. When I found out Rebecca Farm wasn’t holding any YEH or FEH classes this year, I felt relief, as I could now speak at a conference and not have to figure out how I would fly there from Montana and get June home without me. And, even when I found out that the FEH class that I was hoping to attend this fall was happening AFTER championships (therefore making qualifying for championships obsolete as it’s not like I can go next year), I kinda shrugged and while bummed, knew there is a good chance I won’t qualify for champs, so no big deal.


She’d probably have a better chance of qualifying for champs without me…

But, in case you’re worried about who I have become, and worry that I have turned into some apathetic, non caring human, fear not. Sarah noticed there was an event being held in August we’d never been to. It was holding both YEH and FEH classes. After emailing them to confirm they would hold a FEH 4 yr old class, I decided this was the new plan! Sarah and I would go, me with my 4 yr old, her with her 2yr old. Not only do I get to take June to a show, Sarah is coming and we can make it a quick “vacation” of sorts! So, not having plans, may actually work out for the best!


Still so adorable

And if these plans fall through, that’s ok too. I can re route once again. All plans are up in the air, and changeable. And weirdly, at this point in my life, that’s totally ok.


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28 thoughts on “On Being a Laid Back, Type A, Personality

  1. Feeling that zen is wonderfully freeing. Having the plans means you are prepared and still working towards something but you have the flexibility to shrug off things that don’t work out. I am a very type A person in all things but riding which is odd. I know how exhausting is can be


  2. martidoll123 says:

    sounds like a plan. And believe you me I am always the last person with a plan 🙂 June is so cute, cant wait to see her all cleaned up for the show!!

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  3. Liz says:

    The title of this post definitely grabbed me! I’ve had a lot of similar experiences in recent years and find myself falling more and more into the ‘laid back type A’ category. I like it. Zen over stress works wonders for most of life. It’s funny how perfectly everything falls into place when you don’t fuss over it, right?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. draftmare says:

    That’s exciting! I always kind of wish I had gotten the chance to do the young horse stuff with Sydney. Hopefully my next horse!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. KC Scott says:

    Plans and baby horses don’t go too well together anyway! Excited about August though, June will be amazing!

    I’m totally type A as well- love making plans, organizing (I’m actually taking a quick break from updating my 6 page long HT packing list) and all that. Wish horses were the same way!


  6. I am not a planner haha. At least, not in a by the book, this is what I am doing in the immediate future or really the long term haha. I have had to reroute my life big-time once, and it has left me with the notion that if I don’t plan too closely, life will sometimes open up doors that I wouldn’t have taken had I been doing this other thing. It doesn’t mean I don’t plan or have a plan about things, but I have a rough idea with the knowledge that it’ll change or I may change and want something different later.

    I had made the VERY TENTATIVE plan/thought/idea that if all went well with Amber and I and finances, maybe I could squeeze on up to AECs this year (of course if we even qualified) since Colorado was manageable. Weeeelllll…..we all know that is NOT happening hahaha! So those are some plans for this year that were right down the drain lol. But baby horses sometimes allow for plans to go faster, and sometimes those plans do not make it to fruition. The other thing is – you’ve got June forever, and you’ve got plenty of time to do all the things together while building trust together 🙂 ❤


  7. Emily says:

    Glad you are getting to enjoy the “slower” pace of baby horses. Time is one thing you have in abundance right now!

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  8. Emma says:

    Oh man I love plans. Live by plans. Neeeed plans like oxygen. But yea. Sometimes they just refuse to go the way we intended. It’s something I struggle with a lot but ya know. That’s life. And usually there’s always something better around the corner! I love that you’re able to stay so flexible and open for new potential opportunities even as your original plans go by the wayside!

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  9. Avery says:

    ❤ that is the best way to be. Especially with young horses. You have a lot of time with her!


  10. I think that’s a great attitude to have with a young horse! Well, a great attitude to have with any horse actually hahah. June is so stinking cute, I really hope that the new plans works out!


  11. KateRose says:

    That worked out nicely! I love making plans too… but I find it also makes me anxious (because things seem to always go sideways) so I’m trying to be a bit more relaxed about it all.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Alex says:

    I like plans but I do an odd variation where I come up with all the options and all the subsequent branching options if x,y or z happens after that. It drives my husband up the wall but I like it because I know the best, worst and most likely scenarios to happen. And I’ve got options for when fit hits the shan. 😉


  13. This is literally the most important thing my (now) husband ever taught me. Just…. change what you can, and go with the flow for what you can’t. It makes life much better!


  14. Tracy says:

    There’s just something about having a young horse that helps all of us instead planners relax because we’re now on THEIR schedule and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it! I’ve really enjoyed my new-found laid back attitude about showing. It’s made the whole summer less stressful and AT horse shows I have more fun because I’m so much more relaxed!!

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