Fraggle Friday: CBD Oil

I’ll be honest. If one more person asks me “have you tried CBD oil” for any issue Stella has, I may lose my mind. Last time I checked, according to the inter web and fans of CBD oil, it can fix anything from seizures to anxiety. Arthritis to lack of appetite. The last time there was something this miraculous, we were all running out to buy Coconut Oil.

Can it fix my cat judging me??!

So, not long ago, if you can’t tell, I was very anti CBD oil. But then Stella had another seizure, and I happened to be in our local pet shop when I overheard the sales person discussing the benefits of using CBD oil to treat seizures.

And they caught me in a moment of weakness. How could I not try something that MIGHT help Stella’s seizures. And, according to the sales person, seizures are the one ailment that there are actually some studies done on in dogs. So I bought a bottle. Hung my head and admitted defeat.

But I knew I’d be able to give a report post use, and that helped me convince myself I had purchased it for the betterment of all animals.

Mainly the betterment of this monkey

So here’s my report on CBD oil, being 1 1/2 months in.

I’ve been giving Stella a half a dropper of 750 mg CBD oil once a day every day. And I haven’t seen any changes in her anxiety, arthritis or general demeanor. She has not had a seizure, but I still have her on her regular meds, and don’t plan on changing that. So, does CBD oil “work?” Well, I don’t think so? At least not for my dog. But, to be fair, Stella is kind of at the far end of the spectrum.

The far end of the adorable spectrum

But, despite it not being a miracle cure for Stella, here’s my general problem with CBD oil. There’s really no science around it. I like science. I like scientific studies. I really struggle with personal opinion replacing fact. So many testimonials about how amazing it is. This is not helpful to me. If one more person tells me their dog hasn’t had a seizure since starting CBD oil I will scream. For one thing, some dogs just don’t have more seizures. Secondly, can we follow up in a few years? Not two weeks?

Another issue? The dosing. Stella’s bottle doesn’t have anything indicating mls. So, I’m guessing at what “half a dropper” is. The dosing instructions range from giving a dog her weight anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 a dropper. But, if I go online, some manufacturers recommend giving a 1/2 dropper from a 350mg bottle. That’s a pretty big difference. I’d appreciate some standard dosing. It would make me feel like maybe there was some more scientific proof around this..

Does not care about science. Will ingest anything

However, to be fair, CBD is a VERY new product. It’s not too surprising that there aren’t a bunch of studies. I BELIEVE the sale of hemp has just become legal in all states? But I may be wrong about that. If it’s true, hopefully it will help support some studies about the products efficacy in pets.

So there you have it. I’m not a convert. But I’m still giving it to Stella, since it doesn’t seem to have any side effects and what if it IS doing something for her seizures? Oy vey, now I can’t stop!

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13 thoughts on “Fraggle Friday: CBD Oil

  1. Emily says:

    Yeah.. I am the kind of person that has actually opened up peer reviewed, published studies about various health trends and read the research… And then analyzed the true data set.

    (Fun fact, here is a study regarding arthritis in dogs and CBD oil for pain relief: They suggest 2ml, but it looks like the study mostly focused on larger dogs…)

    Also, looks like Colorado State University is doing a full study on the effects of CBD on dogs with epilepsy. Not sure if it’s something you are interested in participating in… but probably worth keeping an eye on:

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  2. Ponies On Wheels says:

    You could take her off it and see if she has any changes. I personally take CBD oil as I suffer with a peripheral nerve disease as was on anti seizure meds like gabapentin and on morphine to help with the pain. I’m now on nothing besides CBD as the gabapentin made me depressed and suicidal. Whilst there hasn’t been enough funding there are plenty of data collected from CBD trials that are concluding it does help as I’ve described yet doesn’t help others. Just like all pharamcutical drugs, one may not work for the other.

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  3. Soooo….we could have a fun conversation about this. I’m very anti nutraceuticals in general. Not only are there no studies regarding efficacy and dosing, side effects are unknown and not reported and oh by the way it isn’t considered a “drug” so not held to the strict standards you pharmaceuticals are. These are certified as food items and handled as such. So when you grab that bottle of organic, non gmo, lizard eye serum, you have no idea whatsoever what is inside. It could be what you think. It could not. Even if you are getting what you think you bought, there is no telling how much is in it. A bottle claiming to have 250 mg of pure cinnamon could in fact have 1 mg or 1000 mg. Nobody knows. Nobody checks. Oh and let’s not even get into reactions with other meds. When a patient tells me they take cinnamon, tarragon, beet root, coQ10 and who knows what else I ask them if they have any idea what all that chemicals do once combined in the blood? No you don’t. Because it hasn’t been studied.

    Regarding CBD oil the most interesting problem is that nobody knows what active ingredient makes it work. Do you need the THC in it? Can you use plain CBD? What percent? Of note if you use the THC containing oil topically you will still test positive for drug use. It gets absorbed.

    Ok. Sorry. It’s a topic I’m passionate about in my practice. I’ll stop yammering on and go replace this woman’s toe joint.


  4. L. Williams says:

    It’s kind of like in the horse community how if your horse is in any way acting in a way that isn’t ‘normal’ or what people have decided is ‘normal’ the horse definitely has ulcers.


  5. Alex says:

    It’s so frustrating that there isn’t the type of studies that would benefit people with cbd oil, hemp etc. And it irks me that one of the reasons there are not is that people were lied to about “drugs” because newspaper moguls were worried that hemp fibers were going to take over as a cheaper alternative to paper from the tree farms they owned. (It would be. Grows faster etc.) There could be so much benefit from the male plant that doesn’t even produce the drug part but we dont know because it has been stigmatized.

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  6. draftmare says:

    I have been in the same boat with Sydney. If one more person suggested to me that I try CBD oil with her I might have bitch slapped them to Mars. Reminds me so much of the essential oil craze a few years ago that was curing everything under the sun, at least supposedly.

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  7. Emma says:

    I like to think I’m fairly immune to the latest trends and buzz foods or whatever but then again I totally bought cocosoya. Bc hey, if it works, cool right? So much of this stuff tho kinda gets reinforced by being difficult to measure. Idk. I’m sorry it didn’t work for your pup but I guess sometimes it’s worth a shot?


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