Right Bend

Sarah has been working her butt off with June this past week and they’ve made some really great progress. At first, it seemed like June was going to be complication free, but that changed a couple of rides in, when June showed Sarah just how good she was at evading  the right lead. They worked through it, and despite the tough ride for both of them, I received this text from Sarah:


Yes, Sarah reads my blog and yes we joke about June being a phenom


I only rode June once all week, which was in my lesson. During that lesson I could feel the work Sarah had put into June as she was clear and responsive to my aids. During the lesson Sarah had to keep reminding me to ask for right bend with her. Ugh. Everything about going right on this horse is a struggle. I tried to remember to ask consistently but the struggle is real.

In the meantime, while Sarah puts some training rides on June, I’ve been hopping on Georgie and schooling her a little bit. Some rides we work on flexing, some rides on going forward, and some rides I try to get her to get off of her forehand. ( I lack the ability to work on all of these things at once. Duh) Georgie has become very comfortable going along on her forehand, not bending and just loping around haunches in. And, for her current rider, this isn’t the end of the world. They’re probably both thrilled with the situation and have tons of fun together. But when I hop on her, I can’t help myself and I expect more from her. I ride her for about 35 minutes and am usually drenched in sweat.

The other day I got this text from Sarah after asking if the spurs I gave Georgie’s rider helped:


So, that evening, when I rode Georgie we worked on going forward while maintaining right bend.

And then, afterwards, when I recapped the ride to Sarah, I joked that it was fun working through the issue, especially since I had probably caused it.

And then, it was like a lightbulb started flickering on and off in my mind.

Georgie has a right bend issue.

And now June has a right bend issue.

Clearly I have a right bend issue.

Image result for oh no meme

Sarah had an incredibly hard time getting me to consistently ask for right bend with Georgie. But, I kinda think this was the wake up call I needed. Right bend issues have now become my number one priority!

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10 thoughts on “Right Bend

  1. Having the support from you Trainer/friend is the best thing. Even when times get rough, knowing that she believes in June is really important. My last Trainer did not believe in H’Appy at all and was not a good situation.

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  2. Emily says:

    Meh. May has a right bend issue lol. I threw my trainer up when I got stuck with it because… I literally could not figure out how to get any kind of positive response on that side. Glad you have a trainer that can do the same for you!

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  3. martidoll123 says:

    dont they all have right bend issues?? HA HA HA (AND ME TOO!) SORRY…but join the club. we all have issues! HA HA glad you have June getting some training rides but you get to ride Georgie too. That works out!

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  4. Emma says:

    omg i am seriously one sided, it’s unreal. breaking my leg just made it worse. i ride so much more with one side than the other. i sit on one side and not the other. one leg is long and firm, and the other just kinda hangs there limp. but it feels “normal” to me, so i don’t notice it. now it’s so ingrained in charlie’s way of going that he’s consistently traveling with haunches in at canter while tracking right, completely without me realizing it….

    so long story short, i feel your pain haha.

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  5. I have a both sides issue lol. My left leg is stronger, but I collapse my ribcage on my left side, so because I lean, they have a left lean. My right leg is weak but my upper body strong, so they have bulging right shoulders but no lean. Sooooooo…. can’t win haha! I feel your pain lol.

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  6. Nothing like young horses to hold a mirror up to us whether we like it or not.

    It is so tough, when you feel you’re trying your heart out only to realise you have all these pre-programmed behaviours you aren’t even aware of. So tough.

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  7. Liz says:

    Hahaha, horses are the worst tattle tales!


  8. KC Scott says:

    I’ve had a right bend issue ever since I broke my left ankle and consequently, P has a right bend issue as well. It sucks. Trainer B installed all sort of coping mechanisms in me to assist with the right as a result, and I’m now finding out I’ve forgotten how to use them. Glad you have a trainer who sees June for the talented poneh that she definitely is!


  9. L. Williams says:

    As I was reading down the post I started pondering “How do other horses go for you going right” and ding, ding, ding you got to the crux of the issue (I am the opposite of you – left is way harder). Getting down to the bottom of our own asymmetries and bringing them to the forefront of our thoughts while we ride really helps cut through the frustration!

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