3DayAdventures Blog Hop: My Favorite Event

It’s that time of the year when I’ve got ants in my pants. While some of you are already hitting green grass at a gallop, we’re still covered in snow dreaming about one day actually being able to see the ground beyond the white.

So, to keep me motivated, and from going insane, I figured it was time for a good ‘ole blog hop! And what better, than to discuss our favorite show or event. So, go ahead and tell us where you love to go, and enjoy learning about my most favorite event, Inavale Farm Horse Trial.


That time I went with Haley and Gusty and it was the most fun ever

Held every year at the end of June, Inavale has become a regular event for our barn to attend. And while it doesn’t draw the crowds Rebecca Farm does, or have the super cool, elaborately designed course that Aspen Farm does, what it does have is great footing, a relaxed and professional vibe in one of the most beautiful locations ever.

I love nature, horses, quiet locations, and nice people. And Inavale has all of these things. You head into the town of Corvallis, where Oregon State University is, and a few turns later, the roads narrow, you’re surrounded by hay fields and you can feel your blood pressure drop.


Such a great camping spot for the weekend!

A right turn onto a dirt road leads you under a thicket of pine trees and then you pop out into hay fields for as far as the eye can see. Oh wait, that’s wrong. There’s also a pine tree farm up on a hill, so the fields just blend out across the vista, until they hit a bright shot of green trees.

The footing is fantastic. Soft and bouncy due to all the rain they get. And while both dressage and show jumping are held on grass, I’m willing to forgive that since the arena’s are rarely ever anything but perfect.

ina 2


Their cross country course used to be considered stout, but people complained and they’ve toned it back a bit. Which makes me sad, I like a good, safe, challenge. Inavale’s cross country has it all. Varied terrain that takes you up and down hills and in and out of the forest. Drops and banks and ditches abound, along with some really nice stretches where you can gallop.


This log, off a longish downhill rode way better than I expected

It’s one of the few events I’ve been to where everyone is friendly and laid back, but it still runs on time and people know what they’re doing and get shit done.

It doesn’t hurt that I’ve come in 3rd place on two different horses, once at Novice and once at Training. They always have really good prizes 🙂

I don’t think June and I will be ready for Inavale this year, especially since it is the furthest event away from us, at 11-12 hours driving time. But I know I’ll be back soon and I cannot wait to turn that corner onto the dirt road and be greeted by that vista.


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15 thoughts on “3DayAdventures Blog Hop: My Favorite Event

  1. Wow…gorgeous! Those views would make me want to event just so I could go there. I have only been to three locations as far as eventing goes and only showed at one of them, so I don’t have a favorite venue yet, but I am really looking forward to reading the responses from others on this one.

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  2. Gorgeous. I always wanted to go up to Invale from CA, but never made it. I think Camelot is probably my favorite event location. I love the whole place being Camelot themed with the dragon jump and excalibur among others. One of the things I always loved about it was they had in intro course that has lots of different jumps – cabins, the tail of the dragon, a mini bench, a mini bank, thor’s hammer – instead of just an endless morass of tiny logs like most intro courses. I sign the Monty Python song in my head the whole time I’m there.

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  3. emma says:

    what a pretty venue! i’m always so impressed by pictures of venues out west. rebecca for sure is on my bucket list! one of these days i’d love to actually make it out.

    for me personally, my favorite is Loch Moy, the venue that hosts the Maryland Horse Trials. it’s just so well maintained, they always have a TON of fun events (including low key schooling stuff), are constantly making improvements, and have wonderful fun level-appropriate courses that are updated every event. plus everything is very centrally located.

    tho i’ve heard from some more ‘old school’ type eventers that they don’t consider it “real” when dressage and SJ are on footing haha. so maybe if i had to pick a venue where everything is on grass, it would be Shawan Downs. alas they seem to have nixed their only schooling show and their one recognized a year doesn’t look like a match for my schedule. my hope this year is to check out a bunch of new venues tho so maybe i’ll have more to say later??


  4. KC Scott says:

    Oooohhhh, that place looks gorgeous. The successes at the venue definitely don’t hurt either 😉 I’ve got ants in my pants also so this is a fantastic blog hop topic!

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  5. Amanda C says:

    It’s so pretty up there, I can see why it’s your favorite! I personally prefer to do dressage and showjump on grass, when the footing is good, so it’s up my alley for sure. Too bad it’s like 33 hours away lol. I’ll have to think about what my favorite event is… I used to have one in particular for sure but now I’m more torn.


  6. L. Williams says:

    That sounds like a lovely venue!


  7. Bette says:

    Oh so lovely!!!! My favorite event ever sadly no longer exists but OMG it was glorious when it was around!!!! Farewell Farms will just keep living on in my memory…. love this blog hop idea!

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  8. Alanna says:

    Inavale is less than 30 minutes from my house…when you bring June we have to meet up!

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