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Fraggle Friday

Blah weather and lots of travel has me scouring my phone for any fraggle media, but here’s what I’ve got:


I mean, really

I found Siri walking around with my conference badge and decided to make her wear it. And she totally rocked the look way better than I did.

I also scored a picture of her brother. His adopter is the surgeon who did Stella’s surgeries and it looks like he’s got it pretty good. Which makes me so happy 🙂



They’re total twinsies.

For a photo shoot we were doing I got to model with Stella and we got this cute pic. I kinda hate pics of myself, but when I’ve got my bestie in the pic with me it makes it far more bearable.

PFL 056

She has her usual thrilled look

Looking forward to a week of good weather and lots of outdoor time!


Nadia Stella and Siri

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Fraggle Friday: Siri’s Birthday!

Siri has turned a year old!! Sure, it’s a made up birthday, being that she is adopted (#adoptdontshop), but I think it’s probably pretty close to her real birthday whatever that might be.

The past 10 months with her have had their ups and downs. But She has turned into a really great young dog. Not perfect by any means, but really great. I’m so excited for the coming years with her!


Hike with the Birthday Girl!


I knew I was adopting an active breed and Siri hasn’t disappointed. Thanks to her I’ve become a runner again. I’ve gotten fitter and stronger. Can’t thank her enough for that!


She wouldn’t wear the Cinco de Mayo sombrero but was happy to chew on it

Stella has actually started playing with her and while Stella does give me the following look when Siri is being super annoying, for the most part, I believe they’ve become friends.


Seriously are we not giving her up?

So, happy birthday little monkey! I’m looking forward to many more!

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Fraggle Friday: All About Stella

I got a little caught up in work and then watching Rolex dressage, but don’t worry, Fraggle Friday will not be missed!

This post is all about Stella as I have WAY too many cute pics of her right now (and Monday is Siri’s bday so you know we’ll have lots of media from that next week…)


Just chillin. And looking adorable

We’ve had a LOT of rain. And for the first time in 13 years I decided to dress Stella up. In a raincoat. I cannot believe the cuteness I have been missing all these years


She was less thrilled, but a good sport

I mean, look how happy I am about Stella and I in our rain coats!!!!


I couldn’t contain my happiness

She was happy when it was sunny again and could look like a normal, tough, hunting dog.

She came to the schooling show with me last weekend and was a perfect angel. And happily shared the backseat with the weiner dogs. But she couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t let her cuddle. It’s tough being a big dog sometimes.


Enjoy your weekend and have a great Fraggle Friday!


Stella and Siri

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Fraggle Friday

Spring in Idaho can be a cruel season.

We go from this:

#gwp #griffon #idaho

So pretty and warm

To this, two days later:


Same view, different day. I didn’t think I should make them pose this time…

Regardless, Stella and Siri still enjoyed themselves and thought I was silly for wearing a hat, gloves and jacket.


This is Stella’s “you’re ridiculous” look. You’ll see it a lot…

Siri is still adorable, don’t worry. Her birthday is right around the corner! Can’t believe she is going to be a year old! Wow that went fast.


Hoping you’re enjoying better weather than we are!

Happy Fraggle Friday!


Stella and Siri

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Fraggle Friday

Work had me on a long road trip into Washington and northern Idaho. I took Stella along with me, as she is perhaps the best road trip companion ever known.


She does a LOT of this

The first day she was happy to sleep the entire time. I got a little worried, and a little sad, thinking that my old dog was really OLD. But then, we got to Sandpoint Idaho, mid way through our second day, and she was JAZZED.


Stella loves water

She basically dragged me down the bike path and wanted to go swimming despite it not being all that warm in northern Idaho…


She also wanted to play fetch

I was happy to see her back to her usual antics.

And while I checked out baby horse (so exciting!) she and her buddy Warren had a good romp on the property.


Of course she decided to run through the water…

Stella proves once again that age is just a number.

We got home and back to our regular routine, but she decided that perhaps, now that she got some Mommy and Me time, Siri can sorta/kinda be her friend.

FullSizeRender (5)

Only one of them is enjoying this arrangement

Have a great weekend!

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Fraggle Friday

Spring is upon us! Snow is melting and days are either bright and sunny or grey and raining. The dogs are excited to have more room to explore and have been running around like maniacs. I am still amazed at Stella’s endurance for a 13 1/2 year old dog!


FullSizeRender (3)

Crazy skies looking south the other day

Siri is growing up and getting better every day. Recently she learned that its ok to sleep past 6am and often times results in belly rubs. She’s figuring out how to adult pretty well.

Skiing 014

But also likes to be held like a baby

Currently listening to Stella snoring and Siri mumbling and grumbling as she jockeys for the best position on the couch.

Happy Fraggle Friday!


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Fraggle Friday

Siri started an obedience class and lets just say..she’s not the star of the class. I mean, puppy has a time limit on how long she is willing to learn for, and you know she’s DONE when she starts jumping all over me and becomes unable to focus on anything. It’s pretty funny. The nice thing is, that on the drive home, she looks like this:


Learning is exhausting

We’ve been petsitting an adorable Clumber Spaniel that Siri became fast friends with.

FullSizeRender (1)

They like to play, which Stella appreciates because she can do more of this:


Comfort level high

We’re finally starting to see some green among all the white outside and the dogs are really enjoying it. Hopefully Stella can teach Siri how to be calm when outside. It’s still a work in progress…


Happy Fraggle Friday everyone!!

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